Thursday, 31 May 2012

Stand Together

Me: Lord, as I read the Old Testament I find it quite depressing, reading about king after king who did evil in your sight, and the whole nation suffering for it. It was such a joy to read this morning (2 Chronicles 13-14) of Abijah and then his son Asa, both of whom served you whole heartedly. It was good to see how you blessed them and the nation so much. It's a shame Lord, the good kings seem so few and far between!

Lord: Yes son, it is always a delight to me when anyone serves me whole- heartedly for the one thing I love to do is bless. I do not delight at all in causing individuals or nations to fall or suffer. My delight at all times, is to pour out My blessings from My limitless store. I do this freely and in extravagant abundance.

Sadly, I know the ways of mankind, and I observe with tears how generation after generation turns away from Me to follow the ways of sin. However in every generation there is a remnant who love Me, and serve Me whole-heartedly. It is through this remnant I work. I speak not only of Israel, but of all the nations on Earth. Yes, every nation on Earth has its remnant, its handful of believers, who worship Me in Spirit and in truth. I am raising up this remnant in your day. In the days ahead you will see those I am raising up, as they begin to make an impression on a world which has largely rejected My love.

I have commanded you to pray for leaders and the places of power and influence in the land. Continue in this work. But now I want you to add to that flow of prayer power, individuals who have held on to the truth, often standing alone. As you pray for them and hold them before me, fan the gentle wind of the Holy Spirit into your prayers for them, that the fire and light in their souls will be quickened. They need encouragement, they need fellowship, they need love. Most of all they need to know they do not stand alone. They will know they do not stand alone, as others stand with them. Stand firm in the gospel, hold on to the truth of My Word, tell your faith story to others and encourage an open sharing of testimony. For the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

Open a blog devoted to testimonies and stories that tell of My working in people's lives. Let anyone send them to you, perhaps with a photo of themselves, and give Me the glory. I want more people to hear the stories of faith, and turn to Me.

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